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Pings, Pushes, and Productivity Problems


Average number of notification-based interruptions during the workday

…a decade ago!


Number of times the average adult flips between apps and websites each day – this can add up to about 4 hours per week or 9% of yearly work hours just reorienting yourself after switching! 


Number of transitions in our thought patterns during waking hours each day.

Let’s face it – most of us have unhealthy boundaries with alerts and notifications. In today’s tech-driven and attention-commoditized world, notifications chip away at our time, work, and quality of life. They reduce productivity and may increase ADHD symptoms.

Workplace mental health is critical

With how common ADHD is and co-occurs with other conditions, workplace support is vital to ensure well-being and productivity. The above statistics are from the US, and the EU data are nearly identical.

A 2022 World Health Organization and International Labour Organization report summarized the impact of mental health at work as above. Their recommendations were to create an enabling environment through prioritizing work conditions, culture, relationships, education, and accommodation.

Support your neurodivergent employees with Comigo

Instead of fighting harder or needing superhuman skills to reclaim our time and attention, a bit of psychology, strategy, and self-reflection can get us where we want to be.


Multitasking interferes with attention and working memory, hurting our recall, creativity, reading comprehension, and self-regulation. Instead, help your team unburden their minds through the use of Chat and Focus Mode features.

Enhanced Engagement

With exercises and information from evidence-based therapies, employees can learn everyday skills for distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and collaboration. Help your team show up, be present, and do what matters.


Instead of the self-blame and shame that often accompanies neurodiversity, support your employees in learning to identify and work with their strengths and values.

Comigo's got you covered

A companion and coach to listen, offer advice, and help your employees grow.

Peace of Mind

Provide your employees with a flexible tool to support their productivity, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness through evidence-based conversational and guided exercises.

Focus and Flourish

Comigo allows users to talk through their to-dos, develop strategies for deep work, and learn about their productivity pitfalls and potential.

Balance Body and Brain

The big three - sleep, diet, and exercise - can make or break a day. Comigo can help support these activities and educate employees about critical health behaviors.

Daily Life Integration

With multiple productivity and self-regulatory benefits, Comigo is easily integrated into anyone's daily life, encouraging consistency and connection with motivation.

Save Time and Attention

With Comigo as a personal assistant, your team can dictate tasks, reminders, due dates, and more whenever the thoughts arise.

Toolkit for To-Dos

Everyone needs a coping toolkit. Comigo will help break tasks down, keep track of thoughts, and work with your employees, wherever they're at.

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges.

So relax.”

Bryant McGill


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At its core, Comigo utilizes empirically supported therapeutic exercises from CBT, DBT, and ACT, as well as executive functioning strategies that have been used and refined over decades. We are in the process of creating our own study – an internal clinical trial – and will subsequently publish our findings. 

No, Comigo has not been evaluated, cleared, or approved by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, monitor, treat, or prevent any disease. Comigo may be considered as a supplement to clinical care, but it is not intended to replace clinical care.

Yes. All Comigo subscriptions start with a free 7-day trial in order to ensure that Comigo is right for you and your patients. You’ll also receive an email notice before your payment method is billed, and you can cancel with a click.

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